How Can I Help? What Can I Do?

There are five areas where your help and support are most needed:

  1. Share this site with others. Ask your friends and neighbors to sign up and use this site.
  2. Use Statewide Communications to communicate with others in your area and share your ideas and contributions.
  3. Purchase products from our Client Websites to further your education. Your Adversary 'loves' an uninformed opponent!
  4. Place an ad in your local newspaper, 3-4 columns wide and 1 inch deep, with "" in the center.
  5. Donate to help with our marketing costs and maintenance of this website.

If you have ideas or suggestions you would like to share with the owner of this site or you would like to volunteer some of your time, feel free to call Michael-Edward at 1-800-625-4250 or

Be sure to read:

Once We Were Colonists — A Primer in Jurisdiction

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